A Crime against Beirut's Heritage: Call for Action

Save Beirut Heritage is calling for a sit in on Sunday May 1st at 12 noon at the previous location of Cinema Vendome, Mar Mikhael Street.

The Crime: 
Demolish 3 significant heritage buildings in Mar Mikhael near the previous cinema Vendome Cinema in order to build towers. Demolition permits has already been granted for: 
.A building owned by Mr. Michel Pharaon in Achrafieh to be demolished so that he could build parking space and increase his investment by 3 stories.
.A beautiful traditional house (Sodeco Plot 5) owned by Mr. Michel Pharaon and Mr. Samaha.
.Abdallah Al Yafi's Villa that will be demolished to be 'reconstructed' as part of a 30 floor tower.
The Gang:
Owners: Mr. Fahed Rafic Hariri, Mr. Michel Pharaon*, Mr. Antoine Samaha, Mr. Fouad Zeidan.
Permit Granter: Minister Salim Wardeh
The Plot: 
Permits were obtained through political coercion and abuse of power by the owners of the plots. The buildings demolished had been previously classified as architecturally significant by a committee designated by the Ministry of Culture. This same committee resigned once Minister Salim Wardeh succumbed to political pressure and overturned their decision to preserve the buildings. He granted demolition permits.
Spread the Word. Take Action.

More on this issue: Tradition in Trouble, Save Beirut Heritage
*I personnally do not understand how the residents of Achrafieh keep electing Mr Pharaon who is destroying the neighborhood's cultural heritage for his own economical benefit.

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