Cheese, Beer, WaterWorks & Architecture

Pictogram of my travels through Dutch and Flemish territories & cities: Amsterdam. Rotterdam. Der Haag. Delft. Leiden. De Biesbosch. Kekerdom. Antwerp. 
It was revealing to see how landscape and culture totally impact each other in the Netherlands. Historically, Dutch had to be involved very early on in depending on each other to build dykes all over the country. This fact has translated in their modern day culture and character. Today, when a Dutch is taking part in a conversation, he/she has a say about discussed topics and strongly participate in making decisions, taking his/her resulting responsibility and its contribution to the collective effort quite seriously. For other insider anecdotes on dutch culture, one book for you: the Undutchables!
canal in Schiebroek - Rotterdam, where i was staying
canal in Delft. famous leaning church tower in the background.
a commuter landscape. cows and horses in the pastures.
one of the last "natural" rivers in the Netherlands. all the rest is regulated

Typical Delft Street Elevation
The Kunsthal - Rotterdam.
a rainy walk in Museum Park - Rotterdam
De Biesbosch , part of the making room for the river initiative
comparative city height below sea level. 
Waterworks, the barriers protecting the Netherlands from sea tides
Beers and Jazz on a rainy day in Amsterdam

Turn of century bus stop- Antwerp
Architecture in Antwerp
sunny sunday morning,  hotel room by the Cathedral. Antwerp
The Mas in Antwerp.
the Belvedere in the MAS, looking to the city.
the Art nouveau promenade on Antwerp Riverfront, dating from the 1890 World Expo.

Antwerp Central Station
Antwerp Fashion Academy
Antwerp De Grotte roofed square
Amsterdam canalboats
Aperitif time in the Jordaan, Amsterdam
Amsterdam Canals
road trip through the Netherlands

bits and pieces from the Kunsthal in Rotterdam