temporary architecture

Voronoi is a temporary pavilion for relaxation in the context of Kernel Festival 2011, set in the park of Villa Tetoni Travesi Desio, Italy. the pavilion dwells on the use of solar energy, and provides settings for  relaxation and sharing. Here is our take on it*.

The pavilion is made from four complementary systems, based on a voronoi geometry: a structural grid, a roof, a serie of nests and two cores.
The structural grid is a trellis that acts as the backbone of the pavilion. It supports the floating roof and the suspended nests.
The roof geometry is made of pvc profiles and fabric, peaking in areas to orient specific faces southward, outfitted with a solar panel, a microprocessor and led rope lighting. The advantage of using solar power allows the roof to become a lighting installation at night.
The nests are suspended cushions that fuse the concept of hamac and day beds. They occupy each a cell of the voronoi grid, are approached only from the park. Small and medium cells are individual nests oriented to the park, large cells are communal benches oriented to a projection space.
The cores form the inner cells of the voronoi. They are made of vertical arrangement of PVC tubes and form the projection space of communal spaces.
The result is an architectural and programmatic arrangement that allows different uses and appearances between day and night.

* competition entry in collaboration with Boulos Douaihy.

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