olympic cities

As it has been historical proven, the olympics is a global branding urban project with long-term economic, social, and environmental consequences. it is noteworthy to read this archdaily article on the subject, how NOT to host the olympics
olympic cities report. via XML
In this other article, it is interesting to look at olympic bidding as a major form of projective city planning, and at some snippets of the Olympic Cities Report, prepared by XML. I am looking forward to read more.

XML has completed a comparative study on Olympic candidatures commissioned by the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment and Atelier Making Projects. The study placed Dutch aspirations to host the 2028 Olympic Games in an international perspective by comparing the various bids by Madrid, Istanbul, Doha and Tokyo for the 2020 Games and the South African bid for the 2024 Games. Furthermore, XML developed three models for a possible Dutch bid for the 2028 Games. On the eve of the London Olympics, the two parts of this study are combined in the publication 'Olympic Cities: the Netherlands as Game Changer.'

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