the right to movement

i am increasingly finding the limitation of movement to "third world" subjects a tacit expression of discrimination. The boundaries of the us, canada, australia, uk and european union start at the door of their offshore embassies. Constraints are established by requesting more documents, proofs, funding, itineraries that are suitable of immigration applications. Patience and compliance is a prerequisite to the  process with the grand prize of getting to destination. I reflect on this fact as I applied last month to a shenghen visa, and to a visa to Cyprus (yes!). ironic to think that this walling behavior is exactly what pushes people to consider immigration, in order to avoid such situations, if they have the right passport. i am constantly tempted to cancel vacation trips to avoid stress and the burdening process of a visa beforehand. or while i'm at it, keep going to turkey ( they don't ask for visas). Control of movement is something apartheid and colonial planning have constantly deployed as a latent tool of limitation(see here, here and here). Like the right to the city, the right to movement is something one needs to claim. 

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