Smart Apps for Cities

Can smart apps make cities smarter / greener? Can they foster a more engaged and informed citizenship ?
I believe they can, in the extent where they are deployed within larger ecological strategies, like in the case of the Copenhagen, New York, and LA

For such apps to have an impact at the scale of the city, this prerequisites solid governance and established sustainable culture, like biking for Copenhagen, which makes me skeptical to present it as a remedy for developing cities; who are still short on sustainable behaviors and governance.

However, the powerful role of social networking sites in recent Arab uprisals has proven the readiness of Arab societies to embrace this medium as an active agent, so my guess is that the apps revolution might as well start somewhere, and behavior/governance could catch up at some point...

ThinkGreen Mobile App is an upcoming app, and one of the first  developed in the Lebanese context, by NGO Think Green.

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